About Dina

About Dina

The light pours in and warms her face and hands. Straps of twine and leather hang from walls amid
scattered tools for crimping, clipping, punching, and cutting metal. Tables glint with works in progress.
Tumblers whir and polishing wheels scree. In the middle of all, a young woman with startling green
eyes coos over it with adoration.

A Los Angeles native, Dina traveled to parts of Europe and Turkey where early on she was seduced by
what would later be her muse. Rough-cut stones and metal excited her, and though she graduated
from UCLA in the social sciences, she found she was drawn to jewelry, and that others were drawn to
hers. “It seemed like a way I could touch a lot of people, once you pick a piece, your sure that it belongs
to you- they are all so different, they all represent something special,” she says. And soon it was. Dina
received her first order while she was still in school, and almost immediately had to hire help to meet a
burgeoning demand.

Years later, Dina’s unique ethnic style and charismatic personality have earned her a dedicated clientele,
celebrity fans, and stylist raves. While most jewelry goes for flash and bling, Dina’s work has a reticent
yet unmistakable strength. Form is nothing without function, however, and Dina says the greatest
question she asks of her pieces is “How does it feel when it’s on your body?” Her long draping necklaces
appropriately named “Love Stoned,” and “Black Branch,” not only dance on your chest, but they make a
rhythm…uniquely your own.

Today Dina’s designs can be found at select boutiques in addition to her private showings she reserves
for her close clientele. “I love seeing their choices, I love knowing where each piece finds its home.”
Never a slave to the whims of the fashion markets, Dina plans on forging ahead to wherever her own
sketches take her. After all, inspiration is all around us.

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